Welcome to Cam’s Corner, where I will bring you tricks and tips to improve your court tennis! Remember, court tennis requires hours and hours of practice, and if you take this tips to heart, and put in the hours, you will definitely see improvement in your game. 


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Need a Tip!?

Trick Shot Giveaway!

Trick shot challenge! This one is not as easy as it looks 🎯
Ben Taylor-Matthews nails a straight backhand force to the lower corner of the dedans 🔥
We will give away some Gold Leaf kit to a randomly-selected player who hits this shot
-Toss/hit the ball off the back wall near the grille
-Hit a backhand
-Nail your target in the lower corner of the dedans
-Post your video with #goldleaftrickshot and/or send it directly to us
-Competition ends Friday, March 9
Good luck!! 🏆🏆🏆