Are You Motivated?

I spend more time training than doing just about anything, which means I completely understand the importance of training motivation. Whether you are doing solo practice, cardio at the gym, or even working on meal prep, sometimes we all need a little help getting motivated.
This is why I have compiled some of the things I use to motivate myself on any given day. I can’t promise they will improve your tennis or make you more productive, but I do believe they will at least make you want to do those things more!


Somebody Said It Couldn't Be Done

Somebody Said It Couldn’t Be Done by Edgar Guest is without a doubt one of the most important poems and motivators in my life. I was shown the poem at age 11 by Bob Harrington, and since that day, have always carried it with me. The poem is meant to apply to all things in life not just tennis, and I hope you all will read, and embrace it, as I have. 

Always remember that no matter what anyone says, if you believe in yourself and in your dreams, you can accomplish anything.