Dacre is a long time court tennis player, who before finding the game, coached the Canadian modern pentathalon team at the 1988 Olympics. Dacre and Camden teamed up at the beginning of 2012, working hard to put a more regimented training and math routine into place.
Fun Fact: Dacre is a direct decendant of Bram Stoker, the writer of Dracula, and has just released his second book showing the history of Dracula.
Michael Cecchi has been a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in Newport County for more than 20 years. Michael’s program design expertise includes general fitness, sport specific training, flexibility training, sports specific training and core conditioning. Mike and Camden started working together during the summer of 2015 in preparation for Camden’s World Championship quest in 2016.
Fun Fact: Mike is the, self proclaimed, biggest Tom Brady and New England Patriots fan on earth.